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high quality designer replica You Me At Six announce 2018 UK tour dates here’s how you can get ticketsThe tour dates follow the announcement of new music and a brand new albumStarting in Birmingham on 22 November and finishing 1 December in Cardiff, the band have returned to showcase their new music, and a brand new album. The Marmozets and The Xcerts’ll support them, so rock fans are in for a treat.Tickets for the designer replica handbags 2018 dates go on sale 9.30am on the 15 June and are available from Ticketmaster here.Get tickets to You Me At Six’s 2018 UK Tour here.(Image: Getty Images Europe)The band has been phenomenally successful in recent years, selling over 76,000 tickets across the UK in the last Replica Designer Handbags year. 2017 also saw them headline the NME/Radio 1 stage at Reading Leeds, and the second stage at Download this year.The band have returned with new material, with sixth studio album ‘VI’ due for release on 5 October, and have already released singles ‘Fast Forward’ ‘ 3AM’,The Download quiz: Only true metal fans will get 100%Speaking of the tour, the band said “We’re looking forward to hitting the road this November high quality designer replica.


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